This smiley-face sunshine with sunglasses is a very close approximation of a staple from my own doodle arsenal:

The store was called Montezuma Wine and it was right off the highway across the street from a farm.

As I pulled into the big gravel lot, three 45 or 50 year old women got out of the only other car there and started giggling excitedly as they walked towards the entrance. The store itself was cavernous, with large table displays set up for each kind of wine they had: Vin de Myrtille (a dry blueberry wine), Strawberry Sunset, Vin de Poire (dry pear), Pintail (sparkling rhubarb), Golden Delicious, and so on.

The women clambered up onto the barstools in the tasting area and started looking over the double-sided laminated menu to choose wines to taste in a $6 flight- not a bad deal?

One of them immediately stood up from the stool and said, “Oh no, I’m driving so I really can’t, but I’ll taste the ones you girls pick. Oooh! Doesn’t that Blue Moon just sound divine? You girls pick whatever you want, they all look so neat.”

I slowly approached the empty stool next to them and kind of pretended like we were all friends chatting about fruity wine together, but they were engrossed in the difficult choice ahead of them, so most of the pretending just went on in my head.

“Well we kind of have to try the Diamond, don’t we?” I thought to myself as they considered tasting it. “On the other hand I do sort of agree that Plum Passion Honey Wine is sort of once in a lifetime. Girls!! What are we going to do.”

I looked over the very long menu and faux-conferenced with the ladies a bit more before the woman working behind the counter asked if I was interested in having a flight as well. I told her I couldn’t because I had to drive pretty far still, so she let me try two wines on the house (the dry pear and the sweet pear), and then I ended up buying a bottle of Cranberry Bog on the way out.

Behind the checkout counter she had a few windchimes and glass frogs along with this:

which you may remember from Pomodoro’s storefront in Skaneateles:

I haven’t seen it before or since, but I’ll keep my eye out and report back. Thank you Montezuma!


2 responses to “Yes!

  1. I like those signs….I feel they can only exist peacefully in the middle of america….
    Not to sound hateful but I think in the tri state area there might be some backlash.
    Keep trekking! Can I request take a picture of a cow in each state you visit?

  2. Your husband called, I think he’s stalking you.

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