Friend of the Day: Spring Toffee

I’m skipping ahead a bit here, but it was important for several reasons to discuss my new friend Toffee right away. I was driving along a two lane highway in Pennsylvania on a sunny day when all of a sudden I emerged from a stand of trees to see 4 or 5 families of horses grazing in a sunny field of dandelions!

I skidded to a stop and almost probably crashed into a fence and/or set off my airbag. Immediately baby horse heads flew up in potential concern, but after confirming with Mom that it wasn’t a big deal they relaxed and went back to munching. When I got out of the car, I shut the door a little too loudly though and Moms and babies alike did a couple half turns and began to retreat slowly toward the middle of the meadow.

But then! I noticed that this lighter guy stayed, and actually came closer to the fence to see what the fuss was. His Mom indulged him by chilling out behind him as he explored the situation, and then slowly the other Mama-baby duos began inching back to their original positions.

Toffee-colored Baby and I held eye contact for much longer than either of us would have expected.

So in honor of Toffee and his courage, I’d like to take the time here to celebrate new Spring beginnings. Here’s to baby horses that wander wobbly legged and curious into strange meadows and here’s to quiet roadside brush that suddenly yells “SURPRISE!” as it explodes into tiny purple flowers.

Enjoy your joyful summers friends!!


One response to “Friend of the Day: Spring Toffee

  1. cheers to that! this is my favorite post so far (i am obsessed with your blog, fyi)
    miss you t! call me!

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