Shelburne Falls, MA: Bridges, Menopause

Before hitting New York state, I drove through the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts on Route 2, called the Mohawk Trail. Gorgeous! I included some photos after the jump, but I wanted first to talk about Shelburne Falls, a little town along the way where I stopped for some pizza and rest. Shelburne Falls is really kind of two towns: Shelburne and Buckland, separated by the Deerfield River, over which there are two really cool, really different bridges.

The Shelburne Falls Truss Bridge (above) is the main traffic bridge, built in 1890.

The other bridge is called the Bridge of Flowers, a now-defunct trolley bridge that a local group turned into a footpath and garden. Awesome idea!

I walked back and forth between Buckland and Shelburne a couple times trying to choose a favorite but I had some trouble. Buckland had two pizza places, but Shelburne had two bookstores.

Both of Shelburne’s bookstores were having sweet sidewalk sales, but while one of the stores was selling Tom Robbins and Michael Chabon on the cheap, the other had these to offer:

I kind of love it. Enjoy the photos of the Berkshires!

The valley town in the above photo is called North Adams, I later drove through it on my way out of the mountains, it was a cool little town:


2 responses to “Shelburne Falls, MA: Bridges, Menopause

  1. I both live Springfield and drive through the Berkshires on an almost weekly basis. I try to explain to my friends back in NC how beautiful it is all the time and why I won’t move back South.

  2. Great photos. It’s interesting to see the little differences. My tiny town in NJ has like 12 pizzerias and no bookstores (i’m not counting the gaint barnes and nobles one town over).

    Also love the 1890 bridge committee sign.

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