Muppet Meditations: WEEK 2

Ta da! Week 2 is complete. I stayed in Portland three days or so more than I’d originally planned, so my progress in terms of distance isn’t crazy impressive, but this week had some GREAT drives.


  • Distance Traveled: Approx. 550 miles
  • Gas Used: 2.5 tanks, about $75
  • Highest Gas Price: $3.739 in Pittsfield, MA
  • Lowest Gas Price: $3.739 in Portland, ME
  • Week 2 Favorite Place: Well… Portland.
  • Meal of the Week: House salad with Maple-Terragon dressing at the Chinook Cafe in Conway, NH – $5.25. Everything was fresh, the croutons and dressing were delicious… I don’t know why I liked it so much! It’s possible I was just really hungry.
  • Dessert of the Week: Warm Brownie Sundae with one scoop chocolate gelato, one scoop hazelnut gelato and hot fudge from Maple’s in Portland, ME. I went there for a highly recommended ice cream cookie sandwich where you get to pick what kind of cookies and gelato you want, but they were out of cookies so I had to settle for what was available. How ANNOYING.
  • Vista of the Week: I spent almost 100 miles on New York Route 20, a mostly two-lane road that cuts through the middle of the state. Although it was congested at times, there were long stretches when it was completely empty, especially as the sun was beginning to set. I was driving directly west around 7 or 8 when I hit one set of hills in particular that was covered in mist. It was so beautiful and so empty that I just stopped the car and stood in the middle of the road to get a picture:

  • New Friend of the Week: Not including all the awesome Portland people that Tommy introduced me to, I’d definitely have to go with the lady doing the Hunt for Literacy in the White Mountains, she was chipper and fun!

2 responses to “Muppet Meditations: WEEK 2

  1. Route 20 is my favorite — my father shuns the thruway in favor of driving on it whenever possible. and, look, I found a whole website dedicated to it:

  2. Have you encountered any rivers of fog yet? Like when the fog settles in the valleys between hills or mountains…..
    Please keep taking pictures….I think all your readers are traveling with you in a sense and we love seeing pictures like the one above….(is this possibly a new genre, the travel blog?)
    and I’ll definitely post some pics from my manhattan walk….
    keep trucking.

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