Hey Laaadieeees

I spent an hour driving around Troy, NY trying to find Uncle Sam‘s grave – oh yes! He was a real guy kind of! During the War of 1812, when New York based soldiers got army meat labeled “U.S” they would joke that it stood for the name of their meat supplier, “Uncle Sam Wilson,” who lived in Troy. People say this is how the “Uncle Sam” personification came to be. Who knows! The point is: I couldn’t find it. Troy is confusing and troublesome. I did hold up traffic briefly though when I saw the South End Tavern:



3 responses to “Hey Laaadieeees

  1. Love it.

  2. i finally caught up on reading your blog and i am obsessed. your photos of the berkshires are gorgeous… i may have to pack up myself and take a trip out their asap. i love and miss you!!

  3. That is so wrong.

    It should be “Ladies Entrance”, not “Ladie’s Entrance”.

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