Postcards from Portland!

These little guys at Three Sons Lobster & Fish were very obliging helping me display some lovely postcards from the nearby ferry terminal. Mooses! + Lobster fishermen! + Lighthouses! = Maine.

Three Sons sells live lobsters and seafood, so other than this little table of lobster toys the place was basically a warehouse filled with big room-length tubs of water where you can see doomed fish and nervous lobsters looking around suspiciously. All the dudes were out to lunch when I wandered in here, so it was just me and death row. I felt like I should have freed the lobsters or swam with the flounders or something. Instead I took some photos at their creepy tourist table!

After almost 5 days I’m finally leaving Portland today!!! It’ll be hard, but I think it’s a little early to cut my trip short and just stay here. I look forward to writing an ode to Portland later on, perhaps tapping some documentary skillz I hopefully picked up from the Salt kids, but more realistically involving some bad poetry and multi-colored fonts.

Check your mailboxes for Maine clichés – coming your way very shortly!


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