Muppet Meditations: WEEK 1

Hooray! I’ve made it through week one without going crazy, crashing my car or running out of money. Behold my path thus far:


  • Distance Traveled: Approx 700 miles
  • Gas Used: 2.5 tanks, $80
  • Highest Gas Price: $4.12 in Greenwich, CT
  • Week 1 Favorite Place: Portland, ME
  • Best Meal: Black Bean Veggie Burger with jalapeños, fries and salad + two Cambridge Brewery Co. “Spring Training” IPAs – Christopher’s in Cambridge, MA – $23 (ouch)

A bit of a slow and expensive start, but this week I expect to be moving much faster. Is there any other info you’d want added in the weekly wrap-up? I’ve been keeping track of how much money I’ve been spending, from now on I’ll try to also include “Lowest gas price”… anything else?


6 responses to “Muppet Meditations: WEEK 1

  1. How about a “Vista of the Week”?

  2. This goes along the line of favorite vista…maybe your favorite pic from that week?

  3. Best Dessert

  4. As the summer wears on, estimated bugs-on-grill count? Photos of the really big ones? Maybe this should just be an update for me….

  5. Song of the week! Like what you are listening to over and over and over.

  6. Most interesting local of the week.

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