Providence, RI: Coffee, Art Students, Benjamin Franklin

Within five minutes of arriving in Providence yesterday, I may have lightly “tapped” a pedestrian while trying to parallel park. No big deal guys!

He wasn’t hurt, but he was pretty angry, so I said, “Psshh, you’re fine. Man up dude.” No. What I really said was something like “OMG I’m sososo sorry, I didn’t see you AT ALL, are you hurt? I’m SUCH an idiot, I’m SORRY.” Fortunately, when I offered to buy him lunch, he warmed up and asked if we could go to McDonald’s. While we waited for his Big Mac, he admitted that a) he was cutting high school and b) he may have run across the street kind of directly into my car. He said he was in a hurry to get to the public library? All had been forgiven, and we left with a friendly low five.

To recover from my rocky start, I hightailed it to the Trinity Brewhouse, where I downed a pint of the bar’s own Trinity Light Lager.

It was kind of like an orange-flavored Harp, but not bad!

The Brewhouse had a great outdoor wrap-around deck, and inside there were 3 or 4 guys sitting at the bar who had apparently JUST been laid off that day, ugh.

I didn’t want to probe the issue so we just made fun of the dinosaur head hanging above the stairs to the bathroom.

Feeling relaxed and happy, I strolled around for a bit and charged my camera’s battery at Tazza, a big coffee bar/restaurant that serves things like pear chutney omelettes.

Catering to the ankle boots/soccer jersey/RISD demographic, Tazza had some amazing activities going on: go-go dancers the last Sunday of every month, live blues every tuesday, a song-writing competition and screenings of cult classics on a big outdoor screen across the street.

They let me hang out for a while and use their power outlet, and they even gave me water and complimented my shirt!

Next I decided to check out the library that my friend had been cutting school for. Turns out there was a Benjamin Franklin exhibit! As a Philadelphian and a human, I’m a little in love with Ben Franklin, so I was pretty psyched. The exhibit was easy to find because there were some SWEET kites hanging over it, including this one that looks like a cat jumping from a tree.

Half the exhibit was dedicated to his work founding the first public lending library in America. Did you know his library was the first one to take suggestions from patrons regarding what books to buy? Students and library-goers could submit suggestions in the box to the left. SWOON. What a man.

Luckily I didn’t hit any more high school students on my way out of Providence, and hopefully I won’t in any other cities either.


4 responses to “Providence, RI: Coffee, Art Students, Benjamin Franklin

  1. How do you put all those pictures in? Just copy and paste?

  2. Ben Franklin also invented America. Worth noting.

  3. OMG I want that kite!

  4. Awesome! Ben Franklin is a perfectly legitimate excuse for skipping class. There’s a new Sampa site out for Ben fans if you want to check it out: P.S. I live in Seattle and no parallel parks without hitting someone. We call it “saying hi!”

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