Leaving the City

As you can see in the chart above, over the past year or so, my thoughts on New York have oscillated daily between “BURN EVERYTHING” and “I wish I could tongue-kiss this entire city!! <3 <3 <3”

Every single day, I’ve seen at least one melt-your-heart precious dog, one person who’s too beautiful to look at, one moment so tragic/stunning that it should be on film, and one pair of awesome, covet-worthy sneakers. I’ve eaten amazing burgers in parks filled with art; I’ve sipped $2 PBRs and watched famous and soon-to-be-famous comedians perform brand new shows in a theater under a grocery store; I’ve paid for insanely expensive vodka tonics at clubs where men wear ties and women wear stilettos but you can tell who the dealers are because they’re allowed to wear orange crocs and parachute pants (jealous!). I’ve been harassed in every way possible by taxi drivers, strangers on the subway, Upper East Side frat boys and unidentifiable loiterers. I’ve paid way too much for EVERYTHING, and I’ve gotten way too angry way too often at people I don’t even know. There were definitely operas, concerts, museums, gardens, outdoor movies and sidewalk cafes, but there were also manic fashion publicists, roaches, scary moments, failed attempts at 80s-chic drug use and crowds so claustrophobic I risked diving into oncoming traffic if it meant even one full breath of air that wasn’t just exhaled by someone 5 inches away from me.

So! Yeah, my feelings are clearly conflicting, and I haven’t even been here very long.

People who’ve been in New York their entire lives may be even less sure what they think of the place, but they do seem to get better and better at expressing themselves and less and less able to leave. Below are clips from Woody Allen’s Manhattan and Spike Lee’s 25th Hour (Mom- you may want to skip this second one. It’s not violent or anything but it’s way vulgar and angry). Once I get some distance between me and Manhattan, it’s hard to say whether I’ll forget what was so great/awful about it all or whether I’ll forever feel some magnetic force dragging me back. Only time will tell? Enjoy the clips!

One response to “Leaving the City

  1. Well said! Nice new pics on flilckr too, I like the shot of lower Manhattan, was that from the ferry?

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