Seriously. Is this decaf?

The weather this past week gave me more than enough of an excuse to put off packing up my apartment. How can I buy boxes when there are cherry blossoms in bloom? How can I sell furniture online when there’s a farmers market at Grand Army Plaza?

Today, for the first time in seven consecutive days, the weather dropped below 55 degrees, and big, pouffy, sun-blocking clouds drifted into the sky. Meanwhile, the only things on TV (for those of us without cable) are golf tournaments and coverage of the papal visit. Uuuugh, ok everyone, I get it. I need to pack.

Instead of doing that, though, so far I’ve gone out for coffee twice, eaten a bagel, and watched a movie and three PBS cooking shows. Despite my two cups of coffee and a shocking lack of physical activity, as I get ready to actually really get to packing, I’m suddenly feeling very very sleepy. I think I may know why.

Exhausting, isn’t it? Aren’t you just exhausted?? Man. I am.

But we all know that moving sucks, even for the well-organized, non-disgusting of us. A sizeable chunk of the internet is dedicated solely to moving: movers’ websites, moving advice, moving blogs, moving products and supplies, etc. Check out Real Simple Magazine’s Moving Checklist! (Thanks mom for sending me this months ago! As always, I regret that I ignored you.) Check out’s Top 12 Moving Tips! (Not one but TWO of these tips are related to “wardrobe boxes.” Who knew?) Also check out, which describes itself as “a community-based, non-affiliated site devoted to answering basic questions about a painful necessity of life — moving.” Really? Moving? I feel like that sentence should end with a different word. “Debt” or “unplanned pregnancy” maybe. Or “death” would also work. The hints are helpful, though.

Anyhow, I’m out of excuses, and I already have boxes and tape, so I need to get my life together and actually start packing now. Right after I finish this blog post. And maybe get some Diet Mountain Dew. And finish watching Lydia’s Italy. And eat this orange I’ve been saving:


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