Things awry? Try July!

In my struggle to pack, learn how my camera works, buy a car and get out of my apartment before the end of the month I’ve gotten pretty worn down. Cleaning is hard! I want to play outside! And so on. Recognizing my distress, my amazing future roommate sent me this awesome note of encouragement.

I know things are New York-style heinous right now…but do as I sometimes do and just think about July.

Unfortunately she sent it to my work email address (oops!), so I nearly missed it, but luckily for both of us, a) my company is too lazy to have shut down or limited access to my account yet and b) I’m bored enough to decide to check my ex-work ex-email. Just in case? I’m not sure why. Regardless, below I’ve reproduced the list she sent me of

10 Things that will rock about July!

1. Swimming in pools (every. day.)

2. BBQ’s

3. My birthday

4. Best ever 4th of July pool party

5. Paying 400 bucks a month in rent…maybe 425?

6. Parks

7. Dogs in Parks

8. Day trips/weekend trips

9. Sunshine

10. Shakes

SHAKES!! Awesome. Daydreaming about this list reminded me of my favorite summer movie of alllll time. There are a lot of excellent films about being young and how much it rules to not have to go to school during the summer. [see Rookie of the Year, Wet Hot American Summer, Heavyweights, etc.] These are all TOTALLY sweet, but there’s one that stands out as even more awesome. There are no decent video clips of it on the internet (what kind of internet is this…), so you’ll have to guess the movie based on this audio clip:

You’re right! That’s Christopher Lloyd’s voice!

If you haven’t seen that movie, then you DEFINITELY need to go back to childhood. This will help you get there:


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