First post!

Welcome to I think it’ll be fine! After living in New York for about 20 months or so, I decided to quit my job, pack up and move to Washington state. Do I have a job there? A place to live? Have I ever even been there? Umm nope! In order to distract myself from the coming disaster that’s sure to accompany this decision, I’ll be spending the next couple of months planning my drive across the country. With no job and very few goals, I’ve got some time to kill, so if you’ve got any advice for where to go or what to do, I definitely need it. Below is a map of the U.S. with my current route represented by a piece of string. My camera’s pretty awful, so it might be kind of hard to see….


So! Visit me often to see how the plans are going, and then of course sometime in early May I’ll be hitting the road and posting updates as often as possible.


3 responses to “First post!

  1. this map is kind of my favorite.

  2. I was gonna say…the map is kinda the awesome.(second post, woohoo!)

  3. I like the string-less bit up above Colorado. How will she do it?!!

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